Start Campus, is the parent company of SINES 4.0© project - an investment of over €3.5 billion, in delivering a hyperscaler data centre with 495MW of server capacity in Sines, Portugal.

/ Mission

/ To be part of a new digital and sustainable era

/ To increase access to new markets for the world’s leading tech organisations

/ To build strategic data centres that renew and strengthen economies

/ Vision

To be the key player in boosting the most significant digital gateway for international business across the world

Start Campus will invest more than 3.5 billion euros in Portugal in the creation of a Hyperscaler Data Centre - a data processing mega-centre with a capacity of up to 495 MW, located in Sines

/ FAQs

What is the SINES 4.0© project?
SINES 4.0© is a hyperscaler data centre with a capacity of up to 495 MW, which will be located in Sines. SINES 4.0© is unique: the largest renewable data centre campus in Europe, designed to seamlessly handle the ever-growing demand for streaming services, video conferencing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and data storage.
This data centre will combine the needs of the new information age and the digital transition with the unique geographical position of Sines, contributing significantly to Portugal's energy transition.
What is a hyperscaler data centre?
How is the data interconnected?
Why is Sines the perfect location?
Does the Portuguese government support this project?